Why Proctor

Why use Proctor Exams?

Proctor Exams makes exam administration and test taking easy and convenient. Companies and educational institutions worldwide benefit from using Proctor Exams.

Save time

It’s often difficult for an employee or student to schedule the time to drive to a testing location. With Proctor Exams, test takers can securely complete their test where they want, when they want.

Companies administering tests save time by easily creating & managing tests, monitoring results, exporting reports and much more – all with a click.

Save money

Companies and educational institutions are able to easily administer tests using Proctor Exams’ secure system without having to provide staff, a physical location or test taking equipment.

Companies save countless hours of lost productivity by avoiding disrupted employee schedules to accommodate tests. With the ability to take the test at home or at their desk, employees are able to get back to work faster!

For Test Takers

  • Easy registration
  • No driving to a test location
  • Test where you want, when you want
  • Create a testing record that serves as a scoring reference
  • Instant results for most tests
  • Customer support

For Administrators

  • Easy test creation
  • No staffing a physical location
  • No loss in productivity
  • Results and testing records automatically stored
  • Configurable tests and reporting options
  • Multiple levels of security

Ready to make your job easier?

Proctor Exams Worldwide

You’re in good company! People in over 50 countries rely on Proctor Exams for online testing.