Secure, reliable testing

The testing experience on Proctor exams is secure for both the test taker and the administrator.

Test takers can be required to provide ID, screen recording and webcam recording, and their privacy is protected as their personal information and results are only visible to the administrator.

Low Security – ID verification
High Security – Webcam recording

Proctor Exams has proctors ready to grade completed tests and will verify any files found for the three security levels on each exam. Upon review, scores are submitted to the appropriate party for certification.


  • Easy registration and test location

  • Test where you want, when you want

  • Create a testing record that serves as a scoring reference

  • Instant results for most tests

  • Customer support


  • Easy test creation or uploading

  • Happy learners equal happy employees and students

  • Data storage for test results and testing records

  • Configurable tests and reporting options

  • Multiple levels of security depending on need, time, and budget

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