Test Security

The testing experience on Proctor exams is secure both on the side of the Proctor, as users can be required to provide ID, webcam and screen feeds when taking a test (thus ensuring that the person taking the test is not cheating) and is secure for users as their private data stored in the database and is only visible to the admin.

Level 1 – ID verification

Level 2 – Screen recording

Level 3 – Webcam recording

Each exam can have 1 level or all three levels. Once a student is ready for an exam, they need to log onto Proctor Exams.com, find their test, ensure their computer meets the requirement for the level of security, and the student can then take their exam.


Proctor Exams makes it easy take an exam no matter what the security level is set at for an exam. At level 1 a student needs only to upload the valid photo ID. Levels 2 and 3 have a recording tool, created by Proctor Exams developers that the test taker must download, find in their computer’s programs, and sign in with their create username and password for proctor exams. This process is very easy and instructions are on the page for your testing requirements before a tester takes their exam.

Proctor Exams has proctors ready to grade completed tests and will verify any files found for the three security levels on each exam. Once a proctor has reviewed the exam, the score of the exam is sent to the company that creates the state certification. This process is usually a very quick process and is done within a few days.